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Smee School District #15-3 is a public school located in Wakpala, South Dakota on the Standing Rock Indian Reservation.  We are dedicated to the intellectual and social growth of each student as they learn to live effectively in a contemporary bi-cultural world.  Our school educates students to help them become successful in all aspects of life with attention to individual differences.

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Virtual Classes October 22nd & 23rd

With the approaching winter storm and forecasted heavy snowfall, Wakpala Public School will hold classes virtually on Thursday & Friday, October 22nd & 23rd. Wakpala Public School will be physically closed Thursday & Friday, but classes will resume online. All students will be sent home with their computers today, October 21st. In preparation of closures, students have been taught how to log in for remote learning. They will need their login information & internet access. For those students who we are aware do not have internet access, paper educational packets will be sent home. During this time of closure, staff will also deep clean so the building is fully sanitized and ready to re-open on Monday, October 26th.


As we head into the winter months, communication becomes even more important.  There will be late starts, early dismissals and even school closures.  Wakpala Public School has a phone call & text option for direct communications to parents & students.  One of the first messages of the year went out this morning.  If you did not receive a call or text this morning & would like to be added to the list, please call the school at 605-845-3040 extension 110 or 108.  On top of the direct communication, we also post these announcements on our website ( ), Facebook ( ), KLND, KOLY, KDLT, KSFY & KELO-TV.  You can also listen to school announcements by calling the school at 605-845-3040, prompt 9. If you are ever unsure about the conditions & think there may be a change in our schedule, please use an alternate medium to verify.


Wóuŋspe wašté hiyágleya!
A good education leads to success!

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Lakȟóta Tȟawápaha Olówaŋ (Lakota Flag Song) Tȟuŋkášilayapi tȟawápaha kiŋháŋ oíhaŋkešniyaŋ hé nážiŋ kte ló.
Iyóȟlatheya, oyáte kiŋháŋ wičhíčhaǧiŋ kta čha, léčhamuŋ weló.
The President, his staff without end it will stand.
Under it, the people they will grow, so I do this.
Lakota Flag Song was composed by Ellis Chips, Pine Ridge, sometime in the 1950’s.
Lakota translation from the New Lakota Dictionary.
English translation from Sharing the Gift of Lakota Song.