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Smee School District #15-3 is a public school located in Wakpala, South Dakota on the Standing Rock Indian Reservation.  We are dedicated to the intellectual and social growth of each student as they learn to live effectively in a contemporary bi-cultural world.  Our school educates students to help them become successful in all aspects of life with attention to individual differences.

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21st Century After School Program Starting Soon! Featured Photo

21st Century After School Program Starting Soon!

Our after school program will be starting soon & we're excited to get started! Students will participate in academic, enrichment & cultural activities Monday - Thursday from 3:30-5:30 pm CST. Students have been sent home with an application. If you are interested in having your child participate in the program, please have it returned as soon as possible. Your child will not be able to participate until the application has been returned.
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Late Start Class Schedule

As winter approaches, we know there will be days where weather will cause late starts. Please keep the attached scheduled handy for those days!

Virtual Classes November 23rd & 24th Click here for Class Schedule

Due to the increased spread of Covid-19, Wakpala Public School will hold classes virtually on Monday, November 23rd & Tuesday, November 24th. Combined with Thanksgiving Break November 25th-27th, classes are scheduled to resume, in-person, on November 30th. Computers & power supplies will be sent home with students today, November 19th. Please see the attached Virtual Class Schedule. During the break, the school will be deep cleaned & we will be ready to welcome students back on the 30th!

Thanksgiving Break - No School

There will be no school from Nov. 25th through Nov. 27th because of the holiday. School will resume on Nov. 30th. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!


Wóuŋspe wašté hiyágleya!
A good education leads to success!

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Lakȟóta Tȟawápaha Olówaŋ (Lakota Flag Song) Tȟuŋkášilayapi tȟawápaha kiŋháŋ oíhaŋkešniyaŋ hé nážiŋ kte ló.
Iyóȟlatheya, oyáte kiŋháŋ wičhíčhaǧiŋ kta čha, léčhamuŋ weló.
The President, his staff without end it will stand.
Under it, the people they will grow, so I do this.
Lakota Flag Song was composed by Ellis Chips, Pine Ridge, sometime in the 1950’s.
Lakota translation from the New Lakota Dictionary.
English translation from Sharing the Gift of Lakota Song.