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Education Leaders Honored

At the last SREC Ed Leaders meeting, three school leaders were honored for their dedication to education. Jay Shillingstad (Wakpala), Robyn Renz-Baker(Fort Yates Middle School), and Tiffany Asman (McIntosh). As they retire and move on, their impact will be their legacy. WOPILA

21st Century Program Contact Info

If parents/guardians of children enrolled in the after-school program need to reach the after-school program director between the hours of 4:00 & 6:00 pm please call 605-850-1713.

Student Awards

Wakpala Public School had an Awards Ceremony for grades k-12 on Wednesday, May 11th. All sorts of achievements were recognized! Thank you for all of your hard work this year!

After-school Program

Today, May 10th, is the last day of the after-school program for the regular school year. We hope everyone found the program enjoyable!

Poster Contest

The Wakpala District is having a Poster Contest for the 2022 Wakpala Wacipi. Submissions are due Friday, May 13th with the winner being announced on Sunday, May 15th. You must be a Wakpala Public School student to enter. The winner will receive $100
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