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High School 9-12

​The high school was first occupied by students in February of 2002.  In addition to housing kindergarten through twelfth grade students, our building also contains a spacious library which is available to all grade levels. The District’s multi-use facility, with its modern theater and large gymnasium, offers a state-of-the-art arena for school and community services and affairs. The high school has access to numerous computer labs. The school also has wireless internet access throughout the building.
Opening and closing ceremonies, featuring the Lakota drum group and Lakota Language review, are held weekly. Quarterly awards ceremonies are held to recognize student achievement and perfect attendance. The end of the year honoring Wacipi is well attended and educational. Veteran programs, dances, and different types of cultural programs, are events that are being integrated into the classrooms.
The high school recognizes the importance of parental involvement with the operation of the school. By working together, the quality of the educational programs will improve. The school works to foster mutual respect and confidence between parents and the district and an atmosphere of openness and honesty.
In 2011 the school implemented the E-learning center to provide credit recovery opportunities for students. At the E-learning center students can take remedial and advanced classes that are not offered in the schools regular curriculum. We also offer technical classes through North West Area Schools and each semester a new class is offered. High school math courses are taught through the DDN video conferencing services through Northern State University. These courses were first implemented during the 2017-2018 school year.
High School Documents
Barry Mann 
High School Principal

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Wakpala, SD 57658

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