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  Message from Administration:

​The Smee School District 15-3 is located within the boundaries of the Standing Rock Indian Reservation in north-central South Dakota. The Standing Rock Reservation, which lies partly in North Dakota and partly in South Dakota, is one of the largest reservations in the Dakotas. Smee School District covers an area of over 300 square miles, and presently serves students in pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade. The majority of the students are enrolled members of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe.

Smee School District is an extraordinarily rural district. Most students are bused to school. The town of Wakpala has roughly 500 residents.

The Smee School District recognizes the history and tradition of the tribal affiliation of its students. The Smee School District also recognizes and respects the role that spirituality plays in students’ sense of pride, self-esteem, and cultural identity.

Administration Staff


Karyl Knudson

Elementary School Principal


12250 SD HWY 1806

Wakapala, SD 57658


Telephone: (605)845-3040

Email: Knudson@k12.sd.us

​Barry Mann
Elementary School Principal

12250 SD HWY 1806
Wakapala, SD 57658

Telephone: (605)845-3040
Email: Mann@k12.sd.us

​Britni Wolff
School Nurse

Email: Wolff@k12.sd.us

​Fred Fischer
Cafeteria Management

Email: Fischer@k12.sd.us

​Kristal Finkbeiner
Business Office Manager

Email: Finkbeiner@k12.sd.us

​Stephanie Holzer
Assistant Business Office Manager

Email: Holzer@k12.sd.us

​Eric Skillingstad
Network Administrator/
Technology Coordinator

Email: Skillingstad@k12.sd.us
Phone: (605)845-3040 Option 7

​Kathy Schmeichel
SPED Director

Email: Schmeichel@k12.sd.us

​Mandy Wolfnecklace
Clinical Social Worker

Email: Wolfnecklace@k12.sd.us

​Terry Dame
Head Custodian

Email: Dame@k12.sd.us